Listed Buildings

A listed building is included on a national register as one of historical and architectural importance. There are over 1000 listed buildings in Leicestershire and Rutland – so if you’re thinking of purchasing one you need to be aware of the obligations and responsibilities you’ll be taking on if you’re successful. 

At James Sellicks, we can give expert advice on how to go about purchasing or selling a listed property. Our in depth brochure details everything you need to know about owning a listed building.  Please contact us to send you our brochure.

The easiest way to avoid any legal, financial or practical complications is to work alongside specialist solicitors, surveyors and mortgage brokers. As part of our service, we can advise on who to use and put you in touch with various professionals, whether you’re seeking to buy a listed building or sell one.  

For more information on how to purchase, maintain or sell a listed building, get in touch with James Sellicks on 01858 410008


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