Coming from America!

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We relocated from the Pacific Northwest in America to Queniborough, Leicestershire in October. We have a little girl (aged 2) called Eveleen and wanted to make the move to be closer to my husband’s family after our little girl was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Prior to journeying across the pond, we had visited family and friends annually with one of our best friends already living in the area. Ever since then, we had been looking around the villages surrounding Queniborough and fell in love with a charming property leased by James Sellicks. We gave them a ring, expecting securing a lease to be a bit daunting from overseas, but were pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to find Margaret and Stephanie completely helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process. They provided us with all of the preliminary information and details of our little cottage, sending all necessary paperwork via e-mail, including the background check. Once approved and in the country, the procedure of signing contracts and key collection was seamless. The staff made sure we were 100% comfortable every step of the way, especially in leu of the fact that we were unable to be present in person to make those big, but necessary, decisions. If you’re looking into using James Sellicks for your international move, we couldn’t recommend them more highly. Their professionalism and kindness really set them apart from the other agents (and there were multiple) we’d spoken to before settling. From our experience, we can recommend that you feel welcome to ask any questions you may have from these lovely individuals, knowing everything will be explained very clearly so you know exactly what is going on at every stage of your home buying/leasing venture. Our only regret is that this company doesn’t exist in The States, it would certainly make us feel more secure as home owners renting out our property across the pond!

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