From school to the Estate!

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During the past year I have finished my school career, enjoyed an extended summer holiday and finally decided that it was time to kick off my gap year by getting a job. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity open up in the world of real estate by getting a job at James Sellicks Estate Agents. My only connection to this ‘world’ was through my auntie who had always told me that, “once you’re in it you can’t get out”.

I never fully understood what she meant by this but I was slightly concerned as I did plan on going to university in September of 2017. However, 6 months on I am slowly starting to understand what she meant. The industry is fast paced and every day is different. There is always a fresh challenge and as soon as one property is sold another comes onto the market which brings a new set of tests. It is these refreshing challenges that make this industry so interesting and so fulfilling to work in.

Whilst I have learnt a huge amount about the industry itself I have learnt even more about how to do it right. If there has been one thing that I have noticed during my time at Sellicks, it is the way in which every angle of the market is covered. From mortgage advice, to recommending solicitors to looking out for investment properties on someone’s behalf. They go beyond the means of normal estate agency in terms of simply helping to buy and sell, they offer everything that is possible for a client. As I am writing this now I have only just realised that over 70% of the staff have been here for 5 years or more and 43% of the staff have worked at Sellicks for over a decade. This is something that no amount of funding can achieve; the team work within the office and across the James Sellicks Group is effortless and this is resultant of the years spent together. Everyone knows each other so well; so much so that when it is snowy weather it is common knowledge that Charles Beretta is the best man to ask for a lift, as it is a well-known fact that his mini SUV powers through the snow effortlessly, or when you need a pen, Adrian’s colour coordinated drawer of Sharpie’s is most likely to be the best place to look, or if you’re going to make James’ perfect coffee it must have one quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in (don’t ask). The continuity that has been there throughout the business in the last 20 years has meant that the service you receive from Team Sellicks is and will continue to be outstanding.

I feel very fortunate to have worked at Sellicks and I take great pride in having been able to have worked with what I feel are some of the most talented and knowledgeable people within the industry. I have had the most enjoyable time here and I will always be thankful for the opportunity that Sellicks has given me. Whilst my time in real estate is drawing to an end, as I look to embark on some travels in the final few months of my year out, I would never rule out a return to the industry. So I suppose at the end of it all that’s why I, like my auntie, have come to the conclusion that “once you’re in it you can’t get out!”

PS. I do still plan to go to university!


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