Has COVID changed the property market for the better?

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When the COVID-19 restrictions were introduced, James Sellicks Estate Agents were forced to create a method of marketing to substitute for physical viewings. At the same time, we wanted to offer our clients the best opportunity to sell their property while it was difficult to show potential buyers around. This is when we began to offer video tours and were delighted to find that they were extremely popular with both vendors and potential clients.

"We are really really pleased with this video. I've seen a few video tours from different estate agents and generally, they are rubbish. But you've done an excellent job of making our house look light and spacious and give people a sense of how it feels much better than can be done with a few photos." - Greg, Vendor.

While vendors appreciate us going the extra mile, potential buyers enjoy being able to see the properties we have for sale in more detail and enjoy the feeling of being able to walk around before a physical visit. As a result, our videos allow buyers to narrow their search down and only view properties that suit them, saving time and effort and making the experience of house hunting less stressful. As restrictions continued to ease and we were able to re-start physical viewings, the high demand for video tours did not stop. Four months after starting, we have created a total of 141 video tours, have 13'300 total views on YouTube and now offer this service to all new properties launching to the market. Videos are an integral part of our marketing strategy and it doesn't look like they are going to stop.

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