Hidden Dangers

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Often when surveying a property there are limitations on what we can, and more importantly can’t see. One area of concern is often the roof condition, in particular hidden gulleys or elevations which can’t be seen due to access limitations. With the aid of elevated digital photography we can now view some parts of the building previously hidden. This can be seen in the attached image which shows a hidden valley on a property we were surveying; without the elevated photography we wouldn’t have been able to show the client the condition, and in this case poor condition, of this gulley. This could lead to future maintenance issues with the roof so it is beneficial to have this facility available to us, and our clients.

Shire Surveyors are able to offer their clients a comprehensive package to meet all their requirements; from a simple Market Valuation to a detailed Building Survey; most people opt for the Home Buyers Report as it gives a good overview of the property to include any immediate maintenance issues, and an independent opinion on the value. We always like to speak to our clients post inspection to talk over our findings as often the legal jargon can be a little overwhelming for clients and a simple conversation can alleviate concerns, or draw particular attention to something very major.

With five RICS qualified surveyors offering extensive experience in the local market, we are in a position to answer most of your questions, on almost any property. Visit our website, www.shiresurveyors.co.uk for further information or call us on 01858 410920 to discuss your survey requirements, we are always happy to have a conversation about any particular concerns you may have. Remember purchasing a house is often the single biggest financial commitment you will make, and we aim to provide you with a report to assist in this process.

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