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We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the growing problem of underinsurance; an issue that can hurt at any stage of a claim.

Your home insurance premiums and any subsequent claims are based on what you estimate the cost of rebuilding your home to be – and it is your responsibility to ensure this figure is correct.  You may recently have seen in the national press, stories of homes being seriously underinsured; with one owner purposely under-valuing their home resulting in all payments being refused.

We strongly advise that you take professional advice, as getting it wrong can have painful consequences.

It goes without saying that repairs to historic homes cost considerably more than a standard building. A damaged oak beam can’t be replaced with an RSJ or repair lime plasterwork and crucially we are obliged to repair or renew under the direction and satisfaction of our local council's Conservation Officer. The recent increase in underinsurance issues are possibly due to people using comparison websites to calculate rebuild costs, but they are seldom right for listed buildings.If you need some help with this, we can happily quote for home insurance. A few moments may save you considerable heartache and possibly even money.

Why not ensure you are adequately covered and have your property assessed by one of our qualified Chartered Surveyors. Contact us for a personalised quote 01858 410 920

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