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Before joining #TeamSellicks, Barney Dewhirst had his own pop-up bar. He says you can never go wrong with a simple and easy Mojito (if made correctly that is!) – here he shares his perfect blend and method.

For this you will need:

1.       Dark rum of your choosing (I prefer to use Havana Club Especial)
2.       1 barspoon (or teaspoon) of brown sugar
3.       Limes
4.       A few sprigs of mint
5.       Ice cubes
6.       Soda water
7.       Collins (or highball) glass
8.       Muddler (the end of a wooden spoon will work)
9.       Straw


1.       Add to your glass the sugar, 2 sprigs of mint and 1 shot (30ml) of lime juice.

2.       Gently muddle the mixture, taking care not to break the mint leaves.

3.       Add crushed ice until it almost reaches the top of the glass

4.       Add a double shot (60ml) of dark rum, followed by 1 dash of soda water.

5.       Place a napkin over the rim of the glass (to stop your hands from touching it) then, with 1 hand holding the top of the glass and the other using the spoon, stir at the bottom of the glass to lift and mix the sugar, mint and juice.

6.       Top your glass with ice, a straw, and another sprig of mint to garnish.

And Happy New Home!

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