How to prepare your home for sale

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How to prepare your home for sale

When selling your property, first impressions are vital. It is so important that people remember your property for all the right reasons. With this is mind, you need to make sure that you have spent time preparing your property in readiness for photographs and viewings. The way you present your home can greatly influence the sale of your property, both in terms of how quickly you sell and the price you achieve. So here are some helpful tips on making your property more presentable and marketable.

External appearance

If you stand outside your home and look at it, does it stand out compared to your neighbours?  Here are a few easy ways of making it do so:

  • Do the gardening – mow the lawn, do the weeding, clear up leaves, perhaps plant some fresh plants to add colour.
  • Make sure the bins are tidied away and not overflowing with rubbish.
  • Declutter and put away all the children’s toys and balls.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Make any repairs to gutting, paving stones, front gate etc.
  • Give anything a fresh coat of paint if needed



It is time to clear out all of the clutter and excess items that you have accumulated over the years, think of it as getting a head start on packing and moving. People need to envisage themselves living at the property, which may be very hard to do if every nook and cranny is full of bits. Often people find it difficult to see past other people’s items. It is important that you make it as easy as possible:

  • So throw it out, give it to charity, sell it (car boot, eBay etc.) or find a proper place for the item (i.e. neatly placed on a shelf or in a cupboard).
  • Think about the placement of items, remove any bulky items that make the room feel small and remove anything blocks access, the flow of the property or the light from windows.
  • Some buyer’s find it hard to see past other people’s personal items, however it is also important not to completely de-personalise your home. You don’t want you home to look sterile or like a generic hotel. People are often buying into a lifestyle as much as buying into a home. The idea is to make you house feel homely and loved.

Clean and Fix

Your property must be clean, tidy and presentable. Buyers don’t want to walk into a property, see problems and leave thinking that they will need to mend and sort this, this and this. They want to walk into your home and be wowed!

  • Make any repairs to broken items, fill holes, repair paint chips, perhaps a fresh coat of paint may help.
  • Make sure your home in light and welcoming, clean windows and check that all light bulbs are working.
  • Areas to focus on in particulars are bathrooms and kitchens where grime and dirt can build up. And also the entrance hall, remember first impressions count so make sure it is clean of shoes and coats blocking the way.
  • Keep the oven clean and cupboards tidy – this might seem excessive but buyers are nosey and judgmental, they will look at and open everything.
  • Vacuum, dust, polish, clean the windows, don’t leave dirty washing lying around, make the beds and empty the bins. You want to make your home clean, fresh and appealing to everyone, so buy some air freshener, scented candles, flowers etc. This is especially important it you have pets, as no one want’s to smell wet dog!

If you follow these simple suggestions, it will really help you to ensure a quicker sale at a price you want. Remember we are here to help and advise you along the way, so any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
















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