How to Sort Out Your Garden for Winter

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Now that winter is drawing in and the nights are getting colder, it’s time to think about protecting your garden over the colder months.

It can seem like there is little point in fussing around outdoors at this time of year when you would much rather be hibernating watching TV and drinking mulled wine. However, changes you make now can pay the biggest dividends.

Clean Surfaces

Keep your paving stones pristine. Ensure that any rogue weeks are dealt with so they don’t get too slippery. If you can, use a jet washer do attack any decking or paving to blast away stubborn dirt. Don’t use a harsh jet as it could potentially harm the surface.

Be on the lookout for ice and snow and be prepared with grit and a shovel. You don’t want any surprises early in the morning on the way to work!


It might be worth considering a deep clean of your bins. Add white vinegar, washing up liquid and peppermint oil to hot water, hose off the bins then add the mixture in and scrub if needed. Turn upside down to dry and you will thank yourself come Summer time!


Only reach ones that mean you don’t need to clamber up a tall ladder so there isn’t a trip to A&E! However, see what debris you can clear out with a step ladder. This is will help ensure that there aren’t any water blockages when the temperature reaches freezing.

Sweep up Leaves

If you are good and a daily leaf sweeper, move along. If not, getting rid of piles of leaves now is essential to keeping clean free paths in your garden. Leaf blowers are good here, if not, a broom doesn’t go amiss!

Chop Back

If you don’t want your flowers and plants to have brown or crispy heads, grab the secateurs and hack away. Make sure you don’t cut too far back and you will see the difference come spring.

Pond Lover

If you haven’t thought ahead and installed netting over your pond, then grab a fishing net, gloves and wellies and start sorting out anything that has landed in the pond. We promise it takes less time to do that thinking about it. 

Protect Plants

If you have tender plants that need to be sheltered or covered, stop putting it off and get your protection kit. Wrap fleece or bubble wrap around pots to stop the front getting to them and any alpine plants should be moved under cover away from any rain or snow.

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