How You Can Prepare for Your Moving Day in Leicester

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Anyone who’s been there understands the stress that comes with moving house. Uprooting your home and family life can understandably feel overwhelming, but as long as you stay organised it can actually be an enjoyable experience. It’s an exciting time and fun little adventure that doesn’t have to be a hassle.
To ease your mind and get you started, we’ve compiled a list of useful ways to prepare for your moving day in Leicester. 

1. Book a Removal Company to Help

 The first thing to decide is whether or not you’ll be booking a home removal company to help with the heavy lifting. You’ll want to book as soon as possible to ensure they’re available on your moving date. They can be incredibly helpful during this stressful time and will ensure the move is efficient and professional.

 To help save time and money, compare a few quotes from different removal companies in Leicester and browse any other services they may have to offer. Some companies will also have packing or storage services to make the relocation much quicker, providing you with peace of mind.

 2. Create an Inventory or Checklist

 If you’re worried about forgetting something crucial, as most of us do, then the next step is to carefully create an inventory of the items being moved and a checklist of everything that needs doing before the big day. A major first step is collecting all the important documents and paperwork. Set up files and folders so you know where everything is; collect receipts, get the keys ready, find anything that will be vital on the day. It might also be useful to collect information on the area you’re moving to, especially if you’re moving to Leicester for the first time.

As there’ll be a variety of things to sort out, create a checklist so you don’t forget anything. It’s a good way to break down the process and make it feel less overwhelming. Remind yourself about using up any frozen food, add the removal company’s details, plan your unpacking, anything that’ll make life easier for you during this time.

An inventory will also make things less stressful as you mark down each item and which box it goes into. Label fragile items and get your packing materials ready, the more organised you are the easier it'll seem. 

3. Clean and Declutter 

You might think it’s tedious, but an important step is to clean and declutter. The fewer items you have, the fewer you have to move. The fewer boxes to move, the less time and money it costs when using a removal company. Less heavy lifting is never a bad thing and if it saves you a little money in the process then why not?

It can be shocking finding things you’ve forgotten or neglected, so take your time and declutter room by room to be more thorough. If there’s anything you don’t need or use, think about donating, selling or simply throwing it away.

4. Pack as Early as Possible

The earlier you start packing the better! Make sure to label fragile items and don’t overpack otherwise damage or accidents can easily occur. Make sure everything is noted into your inventory so as not to lose track of anything, giving you more time in your new home. If you’re using a removal company, keep any essential items with you so that they’re on hand when you arrive at your new home. 

Labelling boxes will greatly help with unpacking, mark down the room it belongs to and if there are any fragile items inside. Ensure that everything is packed using high-quality packing materials for better protection. 

5. Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

 Don’t forget to contact your local postal service to change your address. Friends, family, subscriptions, banks, insurance companies, many people will need to be contacted to ensure all mail is delivered to your new home. Provide them with as much notice as possible to make things go a lot smoother and to ensure no mail goes missing. 

6. Sort Out Utilities

Some of the companies that need to be contacted are your utility providers. Contact the providers in both your new and old location to start one service and cancel the other on the actual moving day. Add it to your checklist if you’re worried about forgetting.

7. Pack an Overnight and Essentials Bag

One of the final and rather vital steps is to pack an overnight bag ready for moving day. Having just completed the journey, you’ll probably be too tired to unpack immediately. To settle in without much hard work, prepare yourself an essentials bag filled with medication, phone chargers, clothes, hot drinks, toiletries, any everyday items that you’ll need to get comfortable.  

After this first initial night, you can start unpacking and making the new house a home. It's the most exciting and enjoyable part making the whole process feel completely worth it. So, worry not, moving day is closer than you think!


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