James Sellicks Letting Winter Newsletter 2018

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Before it gets too cold, now is an ideal time to prepare the garden for the winter season.
Complete a general garden tidy up, mow lawns, trim hedges, cut back shrubs and rake up fallen leaves.

Also, clear any moss and grass from pathways,driveways and entertaining areas.
Drains, gutters and downpipes need to be checked and cleared of any fallen leaves so that the rain/wastewater flows freely. We can instruct our contractors to assist you.

Following high winds check the roof and pathways around the property for fallen/slipped tiles.
Check the central heating system and controls are working efficiently.
A reminder if you are going away over the festive period, do not turn off the heating!
Keep the heating at a constant level at all times, even when you are away, as this will help maintain a consistent temperature around the pipes.

Please don’t forget to notify us if you are going away for more than 14 days.
Make sure your property is not a target for burglaries by leaving a less obvious light on, drawing the curtains and asking your neighbours to keep an eye on the property if you are going away.

Always double check all windows and doors are locked and use security systems and alarms.
Carbon monoxide monitors and smoke alarms should be checked at least once a month. Most detectors can be cleaned using a soft brush adapter on the end of a vacuum cleaner.

Condensation can be a particular problem in the winter months, when the outside air is colder and we turn the heating on. Whilst the property needs to be heated correctly
over the winter months, is also needs to be adequately ventilated.

Leave windows slightly ajar to allow air into the property and keep trickle vents open at all times.
Ensure that any extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms are working correctly and switched on.
Never dry laundry on radiators, as this will add to the moisture already in the air.
If there are any airbricks in the property make sure that these are kept clear, to help with airflow.

If the property is prone to condensation then daily use of a dehumidifier unit can be very beneficial.
Isolate the outdoor tap and lag the condensate pipe in winter to prevent it from freezing.
Consider draught proofing windows and doors.

Draw curtains at dusk to keep heat in the room and make sure radiators are not covered.

Report any major problems to us immediately.
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