New Permitted Development Rights

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So what are permitted development rights?

Permitted development rights (PDRs) are rights to make certain changes to a building without the need to apply for planning permission. They derive from a general planning permission granted by Parliament, rather than from permission granted by the local planning authority (LPA).  Before some PDRs can be used, the developer must first obtain “prior approval” in relation to specified aspects of the development from the local planning authority.

There have been some changes to permitted development rights; back in 2013 the Government introduced changes to the rights which included larger home extensions. The rules allowed development rights for single storey rear extensions up to 8m for detached and 6m for terraced or semi-detached properties.

These new rules were due to end on the 30th May but as of the 25th May, the Government announced that this new rule was to become permanent. This brings flexibility to homeowners and saves time and cost as there wouldn’t be a need for full planning permission.  Proposals are still be bound by the relevant Neighbour Consultation Scheme.

However, any large or substantial extension or work that you plan to do using the permitted development rights will need running past the local planning authority as they need notifying before any work commences. If there are no objections from neighbours for example the local authority should allow the proposals by default.

Other changes include:

A new Part 3 Class JA, which allows shops, financial and professional services, hot food takeaways, betting shops, payday loan shows and launderettes to change to office use, up to 500 sq.m. This is subject to various criteria and a prior approval application.

Part 3 Class M, which will allow hot food takeaways to change to residential use of up to 150 sq.m, again using the prior approval application.

Part 4 Class D is amended to allow temporary changes of use between various high street uses, offices and leisure facilities for three years and is widened to include change of use to particular community uses

As with all permitted development right queries, it is advisable to speak to a professional who will be able to advise on any queries. Call 01858 410008 to discuss and we can help.  If in doubt, always speak to your local authority as well. 

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