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Moving your home to a new one can be a daunting task and choosing the right removal company to help with the physical and mental organisation can really help to reduce the stress, after all, they say moving house is one of the most challenging life events. Whether you are moving next door, to another town, or even to another country, choosing the right removal company can make all the difference when moving home.  Don’t underestimate the amount of belongings you have to move!

In a recent poll, two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.  Packing boxes – that’s the easy bit right?, but do you really want to be lugging boxes up and down stairs, tripping over the cat as you go.  Then, there’s more lugging in and out of vans as the dog tries to escape via the front door.  Let a removal company take the burden off your shoulders especially if you’ve a lot of stuff to move, in particular, valuable and fragile items, bulky things such as heavy furniture and maybe even moving a treasured piano.

Be quotation savvy
My old boss always used to say to me ‘Make sure you get three quotes for that Robinson’.  Getting several professional removal quotes well in advance of any moving date will help you to concentrate on organising the rest of your move. Ensure you are comparing apples with apples and take into consideration price, service and when the companies are able to conduct the move.  Larger removal companies will also be able to offer a packing service for extra ease and convenience.  Most removal companies will conduct a survey at your home to provide you with an accurate quotation, some might give you a quote online, but it’s better to get a detailed assessment, after all, these are your belongings.

Removal companies are often busy at weekends and during the school holidays.  If at all possible for you to move on a weekday, this could well be cheaper for you.  If you don’t mind ‘haggling’ see if you can get a discount or negotiate on packing materials for example.

The ticking clock
Many removal companies will take a couple of weeks to provide you with a quote and then there’s the possibility that it will take another couple of weeks to get a date confirmed – lots of removal companies can be booked up weeks in advance, so make sure you give yourself enough time; it pays dividends to look for a removal company well before your completion date is due.

Perfect planning prevents a poor performance
If you can arm your removal company with as much information as possible about your new property, this will help enormously.  Giving information such as width of doorways, access points and layout will help them to understand what to expect when they get there – such as will the furniture fit through the doors….  Also, information such as access routes can be useful, remember, they will no doubt be in some sort of lorry, which can be tricky for narrow lanes, so alternative access routes are always helpful if there are any.

Insured to go
Contact your home insurance company to find out if your policy will insure your property whilst it’s being moved.  Your chosen removal company should also have dedicated moving insurance against loss or breakages of your property whilst it’s in their care. In fact, choosing a removal company without insurance would be a big no-no.

Phone a friend
The best way to choose your removal company is a recommendation from a friend or family.  This will take away much of the uncertainty and you can be reasonably sure of their performance and what to expect.  If a recommendation isn’t possible, then you can only rely on your instincts.  Choose the company that has been the most professional, helpful and friendly.  Remember, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and cheapest isn’t always best.  If you have a good rapport with your removal company, then you are probably making the right decision and a good relationship will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Good luck with your move and we hope the above advice has been helpful
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