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Following our 2 year affiliation with the Quorn Classic Car Show hosted at The Manor House in aid of Rainbows Hospice it was decided that we would like to know a bit more about the fantastic work Rainbows do. Jonathan Cameron, Anne Mann and I were fortunate enough to have a tour around the hospice situated on the edge of Loughborough.

Our expectations going into the visit were mixed. One could be forgiven for not knowing what we were entering into and in fairness, we were slightly anxious. The thought of young children being impacted by some desperately sad illnesses paints a sombre image and whilst we knew that the work Rainbows did was incredible, you never quite know how you will react.

What we proceeded to see was little short of remarkable. This was not a sad place but a place of joy and happiness. It was a place where parents could cherish the most precious memories with their children. It was a place where young lives could create friendships like no other.

With the host of specialist facilities that Rainbows have to offer, young people were enabled to experience the things that we take for granted; such as swimming, going to the gym, playing a musical instrument and getting in and out of bed comfortably.

We were all deeply moved by our visit and it is something that will stay with us all for a very long time. The work of the staff and the stories that come with every smile witnessed were truly inspirational. The perspective gained from this visit is not to be underestimated and it has given us an even firmer vision of the role Team Sellicks has to play in the community.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that every young person that goes to Rainbows is in need of end of life care. The last few years of life these young people have is so important for themselves and for their families. The cost of running the Hospice is 83% reliant on donations and when that total figure is just short of £6 million per year, any support offered is so pivotal.

We cannot speak highly enough of Rainbows and their incredible staff, the tour we received was humbling and we are truly grateful to Gary and all the Rainbows team for allowing us to witness such an incredible organisation at work.

Team Sellicks have also been supporting Hope against Cancer and amongst the numerous fundraising events we do, for every Google Review we receive James himself has agreed to donate £10 to the charity. We hope to continue and grow our relationship and support for Rainbows and many other charities in our local area.

Whilst the housing market will always be moving, one thing is for sure, Team Sellicks supporting our community will always be constant and the work Rainbows do will always be priceless.


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