The power of the humble "For Sale" board

By Anne Mann
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I’m often asked if “For Sale” boards are still of any use in the modern online world we live in? My answer is absolutely yes!

Your home may well be the house that has attracted interest from people who are not even searching for a property, but if it ever did come to the market, would it be the house that they would want to buy? Without a “For Sale” sign how would these prospective purchasers even know it is on the market? I personally have brought the last two properties that way.

When selling a property, we want as many interested parties as possible to know that it is available – a “For Sale” board is an instant way to do this, and word of mouth can be just as important. I’m a traditionalist and have known of cases where a person has walked past a property, seen a “For Sale” board knowing a friend or family member is looking to buy in that area, called them and the deal is done!

The main advantage of a “For Sale” board is that it attracts attention to your home, the more attention drawn to the property, the better the chance of achieving a good price. Those driving or walking past may notice it, like what they see and follow up this initial interest; we receive enquiries daily along the lines of ‘’’I’ve have just spotted a board, can you let me know the price?’’ an opening gambit from which we aim to secure a viewing, and subsequently, a possible offer.

#TeamSellicks often sell properties from our database with whom we are in regular contact. If desired we are able to operate on a “low profile” discreet basis and often do, but in the circumstances where you see your dream home and you need to sell quickly to secure that purchase, a “For Sale” sign is definitely one of the first things I will suggest.

Anne Mann, Sales Manager

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