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Recent housing market surveys, unsurprisingly, reveal that many homebuyers express the desire to move to a village.


The most common reasons for this include neighbourhood safety, proximity to open countryside, space between neighbours and a strong community feel.


The countryside is most commonly associated with farms, quaint pubs and small village shops.  In fact, the expansion of broadband and mobile communications means that more people than ever can now work from home in a rural location.  Indeed, many businesses are now being established in the countryside.


Whilst it is true to say that some aspects of rural life such as the public house and village shop remain under threat, social and economic conditions are, in many places, inspiring a revival of village life.


Leicestershire and Rutland are counties of low rolling hills and scattered woodland, the west being divided from the east by the broad valley of the River Soar.  There are hundreds of villages in these two counties.  Each has its own history, charm and character. Charnwood Forest, the Vale of Belvoir and the Welland Valley to name but three geographical areas are all home to interesting and attractive villages.


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