What can a new kitchen do for you?

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Deciding to add value to your home with a new kitchen is a big and often costly decision to make but is also a great way to increase your chances of selling your house. 

One should view fitting a new kitchen as a way to increase the chances of selling your house quickly, as opposed to only increasing value. 

When you decide to move to your next home, a fresh kitchen with modern and efficient appliances will be a big tick for any potential buyers in the future.

Enjoy more time in it!

Until you do move, having a new kitchen can enhance your house and provide you with a new focal point to your home, providing the great enjoyment that comes with having a new space to relax or entertain in.

Did you know that well-designed rooms can have a positive effect on well-being? This means a new kitchen could make you feel better mentally and emotionally.

It could help you sell your home

Not only does fitting a new kitchen make you feel better and add quality to your lifestyle, it can also add value to your home.


Kitchens are often the first thing a buyer looks to replace, so if you can provide a ready-made, attractive space, buyers may be willing to pay more to save themselves the hassle of installing a new kitchen.


A big change in recent years has been the trend for the open plan kitchen, dining and living spaces and so renovating your house in this way will not only attract more buyers, it may persuade some to pay more to ensure a sale. Thus increasing the saleability.


So if you want to revamp your home and inject some modern and spacious living into your kitchen, Dewhirst kitchen can help. They have the knowledge and expertise to advise on the best style and design for you and your house and with their extensive range available to view at the Granby Street showroom, you will be guaranteed to find a kitchen that is right for you.

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