Which street names are the most popular for home buyers?

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New data released has shown that there is value in a good street name and reveals which are the best to live on when it comes to attracting a buyer.

Using data from the Land Registry to compile a list of the top 20 most common street names across England and Wales on which properties have sold throughout the last year, it was found that High Street with 5,050 property transactions in just 12 months was the stand out winner.

Station Road was the second most popular with 2,755 transactions, closely followed by London Road with 1,778. Church Road also proved popular with 1,546, along with Main Street (1,469), Church Street (1,368), Park Road (1,297), Church Lane (1,002), Main Road (982) and Victoria Road (974).

Others to make the top 20 include Queens Road, New Road, The Street, Manor Road, Mill Lane, The Avenue, West Street, Green Lane, The Green and Kings Road.

While a road name isn’t the be all and end all, for many aspirational homeowners it can certainly have an impact on their decision to buy in the same way a not so desirable name can be off-putting. Whether it brings a greater feeling of exclusivity or eludes to a far better position than surrounding areas, a road name can make a big difference and those selling across the most popular ones should consider this when researching the market and hosting potential buyers during the viewing process.

In the current market climate, it’s vital to utilise every unique aspect your property possess in order to get a sale over the line.

Source: https://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/property/which-street-names-are-the-most-popular-for-home-buyers.html

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