Why winter is the new spring for the property market

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With Christmas just around the corner, moving house may be the last thing on most people’s minds at this time of year. Conventionally most people think that spring is the busiest time of the year for the housing market. But when really is the best time to sell?


There are five reasons why placing your property on the market now or at least soft launching your property ready for the Boxing Day and New Year rush is a masterstroke for sellers!


1) Less Competition

Traditionally there is less property available on the market at this time of year and as we head into 2018 the shortage of new stock has never been more prevalent. It doesn’t take genius to work out that with less competition, properties coming to the market now have a better chance of selling and at a higher price!

If you wait until the spring, there may be a sudden rush of properties just like yours that come to the market, therefore could make it much harder for yours to stand out and achieve a premium price.

Obviously once you have got a buyer for your property, you become a much more attractive proposition to another seller and selling agent, therefore it puts you in pole position to be first in line when properties that you may be interested in start coming to the market in the New Year.


2) Quality not quantity


There is far less seasonal fluctuation in buyer activity now as people are more mobile than they ever were and now move all year round. Remember many people take up new job positions in January, so new job, new home! It tends to be that buyers looking this time of year are very serious, so even if the numbers are slightly less the quality can be far higher.


3) Highest number of people will see your property online

Figures published by Rightmove, OnTheMarket and other major property portals confirm a huge spike in activity during the Christmas period. In fact the says between Boxing Day and New Years Day see the most traffic in any single day compared to any other day during the rest of the year. There having your property on the market during this times ensures the greatest exposure for your property.


4) Create the right ambiance

For many people, there is a "feel-good factor" surrounding Christmas and viewing a home that is beautifully decorated for Christmas can have a very positive effect on buyers who might be envisage themselves enjoying the following Christmas in your property!


5) Brexit uncertainty will continue in 2018

As Brexit uncertainty continues into 2018, many house market experts are predicting a slowing down of the market. There is talk that the supply of properties will continue to shrink and further government tax implications may kick in. Therefore it makes sense to make the move now before it’s too late!






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